Wavicle for Non Profits

Non profit organizations need to create community, connect, educate and share. The Wavicle enterprise e-learning platform connects members, volunteers, staff, prospects, donors and alumni with engaging game-based learning on any device. Learnwavicle.com shows you how!

Learn to Play

We support the amazing Music Wizard series! 

Sample of our Investment Portfolio

Digital Workplace

G&G has supported the creation of the Digital Workplace Group

Management Consulting

CIO(3) is consulting practice bringing the senior level know how and business savvy required to move as fast as cloud  and mobile computing allows. 

Broadway & TV

We are Emmy Award wining Producers of the tele-play and theatrical musical production, BERLIN!  We also produced GREAT SCOTT for television.

Go-giver Investing Since 2006

G&G Capital invests in business that give back!

We show you how to make corporate social responsibility part of you DNA